Spring Beach Trip – Kauai, HI

There’s good reason they film so many movies in Kauai. It’s like nothing else.

We stayed at the Westin Ocean Resort (One-Bedroom Premium Villa). The accommodations were great. Nice kitchen, king bed, living room and large bathroom. The patio/lanai was decent and since we had a ground unit it opened to the golf course, so it felt much larger than it was. Shannon says it’s the nicest place we’ve ever stayed. I would agree.

We spent quite a bit of time outside of the room, especially since the hotel didn’t have any beach front – kind of a surprise. But we had rented a Jeep Wrangler and so we drove that to and fro which really worked out a little better. We were forced to explore more of the area than if there had been a nice beach there.

Sunday, April 14
Arrived late afternoon. Had lunch on the way to the hotel in what looked like a scruffy seafood hut. Sunny-ish on the south end but drizzly when we got to the hotel. Settled in to our room and wandered the grounds before having an early dinner at the on-site restaurant. Very good food. Shannon got bit a lot on her legs so we didn’t linger on the patio in the nice atmosphere.

Monday, April 15
More clouds but not yet raining when we headed to the St. Regis at the Northern tip of the island. It’s very, very chi-chi – right up my alley! Sadly, the weather wasn’t with us (started raining) and we headed home. We might have eaten in after hitting the local market that night. Nice and mellow. I also think we poked around the town of Hanalei with the drizzle. Had some decent fish at a little joint and finished it off with some ice cream from a place in the main ‘shopping center’ area of Hanalei (Pink’s Creamery?).

Tuesday, April 16
Poipu Beach Park. Visited a large public beach where we body-surfed and swam with turtles. Yes, turtles! They were hanging out in the surf eating stuff off of the rocks that bordered the cove. It would turn out to be the beginning of a very turtle vacation. Had a late lunch at a restaurant overlooking the Poipu beach. I think it was Brennecke’s. Decent food with a wonderful, 2nd floor patio. Took some GoPro footage of the turtles and the beach.

Wednesday, April 17
Anini Snorkle Beach near Kalihikai Park. Windy but lots of reef (despite it appearing mostly dead). Saw a few fly fishermen walking on the reef and catching a few fish. It was windy but there were enough trees and bushes that some relief could be gained by sitting further up the beach from the ocean. We would begin snorkeling right off our spot and drift to the west towards Kalihika Park. Here we (almost literally) ran into more turtles. These were feeding in about six feet of water on some stuff growing out of the sand. I got some more GoPro footage. I think we finished the day at a restaurant in Hanalei called Hanalei Dolphin Restaurant. We went early so were seated relatively quickly. We had a seat on the patio but covered so that when it rained a little, we were okay. The food was really good and the place was packed by the time we left. It pays to be on an old person’s schedule!

Thursday, April 18
We attended the most low-pressure time share presentation ever. A really nice sales guy spent a little bit selling but realized that they didn’t offer any properties in the places we visited so he called it. He had to call in the closer and he was more pushy but after a couple of not-interested’s, he sent us on our way. We went to the end of the road to the north to hike the Napili coast (turned out to be the Kalalau Trail beginning at the Ke’e State Beach Park). Crowded parking and almost got a ticket but the officer was getting to our car just as we were leaving and let us go. Great views in a relatively short hike up the trail. It climbs pretty quickly. We could even pick out some turtles in the water from up there. Cut the hike short as Shannon wanted to make sure we got some more beach time before leaving tomorrow. We headed back to Anini beach and had the place to ourselves. Stayed until almost sunset.

Friday, April 19
Had a mellow morning and headed back to the airport for the two-day trip home. Nicely done Shannon!

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