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About Us

Us, where do I begin? We were both born in the late sixties. My (Mike) parents were probably the most ‘hippie’ of the two of us and it’d be a stretch to call them hippies. Both of our families moved us around a fair bit. Shannon’s family settled back in a town called Gig Harbor in Washington where her parents originally met. My family decided rather arbitrarily on Boulder, Colorado. We both graduated high school from our respective city high schools and went on to state/public colleges.

I grew up skiing and enjoying the mountains which led me into the ski industry right out of college. Shannon’s route to the ski industry was the culmination of desperate circumstances surrounding a not so well thought out internship at a company with which her father worked. A few years later, we fell in love at a ski industry company (the second for Shannon) and got married a couple of years later in 1998.

Now we’re speeding through the years in the suburbs of Denver. Shannon’s now in the shoe industry and I have attained a long desired goal of working in the IT industry. We have a house, a dog and jobs that require most of our attention. We still manage to force a couple of trips a year, which we’ll post here.

We also spend more time at work and with work people than we’d like. And with most family members out of state and our friends scattered throughout the Denver metro area, we’ve admittedly neglected those relationships. With this website, we hope to provide another avenue with which we can stay in touch with our missed friends and family. Thanks for checking us out!

Mike & Shannon

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